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“This dry cleaner is amazing!

This is Customer service at its best.

The business itself is extremely

clean, modern, and recently renovated!”

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A modern approach to

a traditional business

In a world in constant evolution, dry cleaners seem to remain unchanged and running under the same basic principles from the past.

At Easy Cleaners, we think a little bit different, and that's the reason why, using the newest technologies and taking advantage of all available innovations of the industry, we're able to provide our customers a timely garment care service with unsurpassed results.

Because we care about

the environment


Easy Cleaners really does its part when we talk about eco-friendly garment care.

Use of a wide range of biodegradable cleaning agents combined with a complete line of high efficiency equipment, allow us to reach unparalleled results, at the time we keep the highest safety standards for all our processes.