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About Easy Cleaners

Back in 2012, after getting more than ten years of experience on the industry, we decided to start this project called Easy Cleaners.

We focus on professional garment care, expert alterations, leather and suede treatment, wedding gowns cleaning and preservation, comforters, area rugs and more.
All our work is done on premises, using the latest technology of the industry and the friendliest products to the environment and specially, your clothes.

Anyone looking for a reliable and high quality dry cleaning and laundry service should try Easy Cleaners.

So, don't wait anymore and try us, it's Easy!

Sergio - Eva - Alex

What's people saying?

1 - Michael P.

“Great service. Very fast and left all of my clothes looking perfect. Simple and clean.”

2 - David R.

“They did a great job. Promised to be on time and on point and delivered. Good costumer service.”

3 - Marilyn M.

“They are always nice and welcoming. The best part is that your items can be dry cleaned an ready for pick up the very next day!”

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